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TeamOverpowered 2011-10-19

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Love Games?

So do we, there is nothing more exciting than playing a game for the first time, that’s how we manage to produce so many game reviews. We love it so much that all of our games reviews are done purely by TeamOp so you know you can trust the opinions inside the review.

If we don’t love a game you will know about. What becomes difficult is games that are not great but also not really awful, this is where we call in the heavy artillery our resident reviewer JDaze he has a knack for loving parts of games and bringing that to life for you to read.

We source the latest games to get a look at early on, being in so many beta programs definitely helps. Once sourced we give you the lowdown. Expect the previews not to be as harsh as the full reviews as we always give developers the benefit of the doubt, after all we all want new games!

Full game reviews will come after a solid session of playing the games, we do not review games that we have not played. Playing all these games can become boring… Yeah right!! The games we have reviewed will recieve a TOP rating out of 5.

Game Updates
Every once in a while we will also give you the scoop on updates to games and what impacts that has for us gamers.

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