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TeamOverpowered 2012-07-04

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Gaming bus has provided us with a great write up on Torchlight 2. In the article they talk about the torchlight 2 inventory and the way the stash is dealt with. They also talk about the way the game starts, by choosing your character and then a pet.

I get a feel that Torchlight 2 is going for a heavily randomized experience, which is great for people who want to continually play the game (after playing a solid week of D3, I did get a bit bored even though it is partially randomized). One great quote for all those people who get frustrated when you can not customize your character in other games is this one: “You can choose from a few different hair styles, hair colors, and facial features.”.

There is also a weather system which sounds awesome, I love being outside in a game, exploring lush and horrible lands with the sense that every time you come back you could experience something completely different.

The four new classes for Torchlight 2 is: Engineer, Berserker, Embermage, and Outlander.

Thanks again to Gaming Bus for giving us this great info, hopefully the close Torchlight gets to launch the more we will start to hear about it. Have fun guys and keep on gaming.

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