Blizzard Still Worried About Bots – Game Limits Re-Enabled

TeamOverpowered 2012-07-17

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Blizzard have become more and more protective over their latest game, Diablo 3. They have been plagued with various issues, disconnects and glitch/bug abuse. Bots have been duping items and playing for extended periods of time. So Blizzard have decided to bring back their Game Limits.

For the post on the forums then check out this link:

Effectively the change stops people from creating too many games in a certain period of time, this will try and circumvent the mass amount of bots in Diablo 3. The only issue for gamers is that we might want to make loads of games, we have paid for the game so why would we ever be limited?

The trick is to ask yourself what would you prefer? Lots of bots ruining the economy and games you play in, or would you prefer to have a slight limit on the number of games you can potentially create? (The clever people out there will say, I want both :p, but this may not be possible at the moment). Stay tuned to Team Overpowered and especially on the Diablo 3 Forums for any future bits and pieces that may come our way regarding bots and exploitation.

Blizzard will be looking on feedback on the game limits, so make sure that if you are finding yourself constantly unable to play then leave a comment on the official forums to get their attention. In a perfect world we would want zero game limits and zero bots, but there has to be some compromise when you have the two worst type of player in a game: The Botter and the Gold Buyer, in Diablo 3 gold buying is going to never go away because it is officially supported, so they need to target The Botter.

Good luck in your travels guys I hope you don’t see any bots and keep on making that gold!

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