DLC For Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition

TeamOverpowered 2012-07-18

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The Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition has been announced and we have been following the progress as closely as possible. Lots of people are excited at the prospect of playing BGEE (Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition?!?).

One thing of note recently which cropped on twitter (good old twitter, devs can’t help themselves!) is that we should see some good downloadable content for Baldurs Gate. Another great thing about it is that the DLC will not be “furry +3 earrings” but will be actual solid game play with extra story and characters, great news for us Baldurs Gate fans.

If you want to check out the status update then head on over to https://twitter.com/TrentOster/status/219054143787122689. Don’t forgot to follow @TeamOverpowered whilst you are there.

Did you play the original baldurs gate? baldurs gate 2? or any other version, then let us know in the comments in below for the chance of winning nothing.

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