Starcraft 2: Multiplayer Updates – Blizzcon 2011

TeamOverpowered 2011-10-23

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Hey guys, check out this changes to the units in Heart Of The Swarm, some of these looks crazy… but we will have to wait and see how they play in mass beta.


War Hounds
This is an anti air unit with is quick and can take down mutilisks a lot better than the thors, they can also attach mech units with a pretty decent range.

Battle Mode Hellions
Hellions can now transform into battle mode, which makes them slower, but a lot of tougher to withstand some of the crazy zealot charging, especially in late game.

The shredder has to be on its own to do any damage, any other unit (except another shredder) will cause the shredder to shut down. They will do a lot of heavy aoe damage. You will probably be able to leapfrog these and maybe even do shredder drops into the mineral line, spreading them out and destroying lots and lots of poor drones. This could be an extremely OP unit.


The Ultra will have a charge burrow ability, which makes the unit pounce between the middle of some enemy units, then smash them down. We should see a lot more interesting Ultralisk tactics with these great new abilities.

Caster instead of the overseer with more utility, they can pull in units much like a death knight in wow, useful for pulling enemies off of ledges, like colossus, looks extremely strong. He can also use blinding cloud which reduces the range of units inside the cloud to 1.

Swarm Host
This unit burrows into the ground and then continues to slowly create locust which move toward a rally point, this is slow and methodical but excellent as an artillery for slowing breaking down enemy choke points. Swarm hosts could also be used as a backup to spine crawlers as well.


Capital ship instead of the carrier. This unti has great anti air plus it can attack ground as well. I saw a video of these guys just literally turning mutalisks into mush.

This unit can copy an enemy unit which can potentially be extremely overpowered, this might be able to replicate an SCV and use it to build buildings, this is under discussion at the moment. It also has a high cost.

Caster raiding unit, this will not destroy workers but it will allow you to fly over and prevent them from farming minerals as effectively. They can shut down defenses and stop the minerals from being farmed, very scary harass unit.

Protoss look to have some the coolest and must dangerous upgrades, along with Terran. Zerg units could be very dangerous but do look to require some additional micro, except for the Swarm Host.

Hope you enjoyed this article, more from Blizzcon throughout the night!

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