Torchlight II Is Four Times Bigger Than Torchlight

TeamOverpowered 2012-07-31

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Over on the official Torchlight II website Travis put up a post about how he has been working on act 2 monsters. What he has been specifically working on is list below, check it out it is quite interesting, especially if you are interested in Torchlight 2 and game development.

“I spent most of my time working on Act 2 monsters (the second half of the Act). I polished 13 different monsters, and added 12 new skills for them. I set up or revised spawnclasses for 6 different regions.”

I am looking forward to the polished monsters in act 2 then!

Travis talked a lot about scale in his post and how the sizes and numbers of Torchlight II is roughly 4 times larger, they also put together a cool little graphic for us, check it out.

Some pretty interesting numbers from the Torchlight 2 guys. If you want to check out the full blog post then head on over to:

As a side note on steam you can grab a copy of the original Torchlight whilst you are waiting for Torchlight 2. There was some offers happening like get it free when Torchlight 2 is released or 40% off but I don’t know if that is still the case or not.

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