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TeamOverpowered 2012-08-10

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I think everyone kind of knew that SWTOR was on the decline, but how much was always kept quite secret. The time has come for Star Wars The Old Republic to try and boost it’s player base and go free to play (f2p).

If you want to check out all of the features of what you can get from F2P versus a premium subscription then head on over to:

In my personal opinion I believe that what you should offer customers on a free to play basis is effectively the whole game. Then on top of being immersed in the game you can then offer them loads of cosmetic options for them to purchase and enjoy. I agree with the races being subscription based as long as you can still play all of the classes.

The big things I do not agree with is warzones, flashpoints, space missions and operations all have some sort of limit or are not accessible at all. This is very poor, how am I going to get immersed enough into the game if I don’t have every option available to actually enjoy the game?

Priority login is a perfect example of giving a subscriber something extra without affecting the actual game play. The things I would like to see as premium items would be something like the following:

  • Spaceships
  • Clothing
  • Mounts
  • Races
  • Pets
  • Hair
  • Vanity Items

The best way to move ahead in the free to play space is to get people heavily immersed by allowing them to experience the game that was intended to be played. Some parts you could argue would be good to limit, like mass auction house listings (as this could be used to exploit the auction house on a free account).

Also what does annoy me is that I have paid for the initial game and paid monthly for a while, if I ever go back (having still paid for the actual game) I am not actually getting the game I paid for. Yes I know that is because I am not paying monthly, but then it is not actually free to play. It is free to try.

What do you think, am I just annoyed I don’t get to play the game for free or does my opinions have some value to them?

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