Starcraft 2 Patch 1.5.0 Is Live

TeamOverpowered 2012-08-10

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Over on the official Starcraft 2 blog Blizzard has posted up a detailed log of changes for the new SC2 patch 1.5.0.

The patch is fairly large for a Starcraft 2 patch and makes quite a number of changes. For the full list then I recommend heading on over to: Starcraft 2 Patch. The list of changes include some nice ones, especially for the UI.

The Starcraft 2 arcade has arrived as well which allows you to enjoy custom games more. The ability to add how to play information, tutorial game, patch notes and more is available online. I wish I would of had How To Play when I first played Mafia (I still don’t quite get it).

There is a couple of QQers on the blog post saying that they believe the UI has gone from Windows XP to Windows 98. I quite liked Windows 98… until Windows XP came out lol.

Enjoy the game and keep on gaming guys, have fun and remember, leave your comments below.

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