World Of Warcraft Losing Over 1 Million Subscribers

TeamOverpowered 2012-08-31

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World of Warcraft is the most successful subscription based MMORPG’s out there, but with a large player base comes a higher risk for more players to just cancel their subscription and move onto something else. Since the launch of Cataclysm (an expansion for World of Warcraft) there has been a steady stream of subscribers leaving the subscription based MMO.

Since 2011 just under 3 million subscribers have left WoW. The good news is that with the imminent launch of Mists of Pandaria we will no doubt see a surge of players go back to the aging the MMORPG. It is still in my opinion one of the cleanest and most playable MMO’s out there today.

WoW must be worried about the launch of Guild Wars 2 as it promises to revolutionise the MMO genre.

The majority of the subscribers leaving the MMO have been in the East and not the West, luckily for Blizzard the new expansion contains great a theme for the East in the form of the rare and elusive Panda. Blizzard made a great move in offering the annual pass to subscribers back in 2011, locking them in for guaranteed beta and an in game mount. This allowed them to plug the leak in subscribers and get guaranteed people to play Diablo 3 (not that they really needed to).

We will keep an eye out for any more information regarding the subscribers numbers for World of Warcraft and keep you up to date here on Team Overpowered.

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