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TeamOverpowered 2012-09-22

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For any one else who is excited about the prospect of roaming world bosses (like the good old days) then this little bit of info is just for you. The Mists of Pandaria website has been updated to reveal a little bit more about what is in store for us. One specific piece of info is the reveal of a World Boss called Salyis’s Warband.

This world boss has some great mechanics and looks like it could cause quite a frenzy when fighting him. There is a decent amount going on and there is definitely some mechanics which might get people off guard.

Salyis’s Warband Abilities

  • Fire Shot Saurok Skirmishers riding on Galleon’s back fire flaming crossbow bolts at random players, inflicting Fire damage
  • Stomp Galleon stomps the ground, inflicting Physical damage to players within 100 yards and knocking them down for a few seconds.
  • Cannon Barrage Chief Salyis orders his minions to fire off eight powerful cannon blasts. Each blast inflicts Fire damage to players within 10 yards and knocks them back.
  • Salyn Warmonger Chief Salyis’s Warmongers periodically jump down from Galleon’s back to engage players.

These abilities look to be a great way of getting players to do the usual: look where they are stepping and also to work as a team. One of the great things about World of Warcraft is the tactics and team work involved in bringing down some of the raid and world bosses. Some other MMO’s in my opinion lack some of the extreme tactics and strategy that is required in WoW, which is why World of Warcraft is still a superior game compared to most of them.

For a full preview of Salyis’s Warband then head on over to the MoP Preview site:

Leave your comments below on what you think of this mighty world boss!

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