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TeamOverpowered 2012-09-22

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Steam has always been progressive in their platform and on the look out for other areas to move into. With the introduction of The Big Picture you will be able to play your Steam games on your TV whilst using your controller. All you will need to do is hook a laptop or computer up to your TV to be able to play your favourite Steam games.

“Heading to the living room—or anywhere there’s a big screen—is Steam’s soon-to-be-released big-picture mode, offering simple, easy-to-read navigation designed specifically for TV. With full controller support, big-picture mode will let gamers kick back and enjoy their favorite games on the biggest screen in the house.

Steam’s big-picture mode doesn’t require any additional development from you. Just ensure your game works well with a controller, and we’ll take care of the rest. And don’t worry, keyboard and mouse aren’t going anywhere—users will be able to switch between input devices at any time.”

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Do you think that you will use Steam on the big screen? The only slight downfall I see to it, is that you would have to move around your computer, unless of course you can connect to your tv via wireless some how, now that would be awesome.

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