League Of Legends Season 3 Changes – Part One

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It looks like there is going to be some pretty major changes coming for League of Legends fans. Some of these changes may or may not be final, we will have to wait and see. This is part one of a series of potential posts. Once more information is released then we will let you guys know and summarise it into digestable pieces!

General Changes

Shop Interface Updated
In the intro video and on the pre season page it looks like there will be some changes to the shop interface. Along with all the various item changes for season 3, there is also a change in how you purchase them. You will see in the screenshot that the interface is more condensed and works easier than before. Recommended items are now in a seperate tab, so you can switch across and never need to see them again.

Less Gold From Farming
From the video it looks like there could be less gold when farming, but you then also recieve gold from the amount the team get? It is not 100% clear but it does feel like they are trying to boost supports by giving a percentage of gold to the team when farming.

Mastery Changes

Less Early Protection
There will be less protection in the defense tree early on and this will be moved down in the tree. The reason for this is that Riot would like to see players who are being outplayed also being killed, but with too much early protection this is just not happening even if they are losing a lot.

Pickpocket Talent
There will be a new mastery talent which allows you to gain a bit of gold every time you attack the enemy. This will be great for support champions as it will allow you to gain gold when you harass and poke in lane.

Support Changes

New Item: Sightstone (Ward Dropper)
The Sightstone will allow you to drop four wards in total and have 2 active at a time. This is great for supports especially when they are spending all of their gold on wards. The wards will recharge when you go back to the base, without costing more gold.

Item Removed: Heart of Gold
The heart of gold is being removed to allow supports to experiment and create different builds without having to get gold per five. Gold will now come from the pickpocket talent and from the increased percentage of gold from the team. Support will also save gold from using the Sightstone.

AD Casters Change

Item Changed: Black Cleaver
The Black Cleaver will now gain the stats from the Brutalizer and reduce armour when any physical damage is dealt. Look at the picture to the right for a better explanation of the Black Cleavers stats.

Jungle Changes

AOE Jungle Camps
Jungle camps which are cleared quickly using area of effect abilities will now be easier for single target junglers to clear. The strength of the smaller wraths and small wolves will be decreased and given to the larger Wraith/Wolf. This will allow single target junglers to kill the camps quicker, although AOE junglers will still be faster at clearing.

Late Game Jungle Gold Increased
– Increasing rewards from the jungle mobs as the game goes on. to prevent junglers from falling really far behind if gank doesn’t come off.
The gold from the jungle camps will increase as the game goes on, allowing you to get hold of your better items faster. This allows players to decide when and when not to gank, rather than ganking because you will get too far behind if you don’t. You can play the safe game clearing camps, or try to get a bonus from ganking.

New item: Hunters Machete
A new item has been added for junglers, allowing them to do more damage to monsters. This item will let players decide to dive into the jungle and clear as fast as possible, acquiring gold quicker. Check out the image to the right for a better explanation of what the Hunters Machete’s stats are.

That is all of the changes at the moment, but stay tuned for part two.
Part two is now up and live, so check out the league of legends season 3 part two post for further info on the season 3 changes.

Check out the video below, this is the video from Riot Games about the changes coming in season 3. I think everything in this video is summarised above. Enjoy.

Leave your comments and thoughts below regarding the changes coming in season 3.


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