League Of Legends Season 3 Changes – Part Two

TeamOverpowered 2012-12-08

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Riot Games is unleashing a massive update to League Of Legends, some of the changes are going to have a huge affect on the way we play the game and some, not so much. I am going to go through some of the changes just to highlight probably the most significant ones, although there may be some I miss out so leave your thoughts in the comments below.

If you have not read part one yet then head on over there to get a good understanding of what other changes are coming, especially for support characters.

General Changes

Kill Streak Gold Changes
The maximum gold for killing someone with a kill streak is now 500 gold, down from 600. Kill streaks will now accelerate faster, allowing people to get back into the game easier than before.

Passive Gold Increase
We mentioned about the passive gold in part one, but now we have the real facts and here they are: “Ambient gold gain increased to 16 per 10 seconds from 13 per 10 seconds – gold gained from farming lane minions and jungle monsters have been slightly reduced to compensate”.

Summoner Spells

Barrier Available
Barrier was originally only on the proving grounds, but it has now been made available to the other maps, which could cause some interesting tactics, especially for characters with channeled AOE ultimates.

Promote Disabled
Promote has actually been disabled. I think those promoted minions were a little too strong, especially if you promoted a minion in the bot lane and all pushed top, it could have a huge affect on the lane.

Heal Buffed?
Heal has been slightly reduced in it’s effectiveness, but allies now get a greater benefit from it. I am not sure what to make of this really, I know there has been situations where I have used heal to save an ally, but generally I have used heal to save myself on an ad carry. I will have to play some games to see how much a change this really makes.

Jungle Changes Continued

Initial Camp Difficulty Increase
Previously we mentioned that the camps are going to reduce small minions power and increase the large minion power, but along with this riot are also intending to increase the initial difficulty of the camps. This could prove annoying for junglers like Amumu. Amumu was ok with aoe, but moving the camps away from AOE and making them more difficult is not great for Amumu, who was not exactly a fast jungler previously.

Saved Camp Gold Removed
Jungle camps used to have their gold slowly build up whilst they had not been killed, has now been removed. This allows for more of a penalty if you are trying to constantly gank lanes.

Jungle Leash Changes
The jungle camps now attack the closest target as opposed to the target which initially attacked them. The only way to help a jungler now is to stand and take some damage.

Mastery Changes

Masteries have been reworked, so it is probably better to go and check out the League of Legends mastery page, rather than me go through all of the changes.

Those are the changes we are going go through in this post. Stay tuned for more as we will be going through a list of the item changes for season 3 and having a look at what affects they could have on the game.

What are your thoughts on the changes, are they going to make a huge different to the way Junglers work? Or will we just alter our builds to compensate and carry on like normal? Let us know in the comments section below or on our league of legends forum.

For the full (and quite large) patch notes then head on over to the league of legends patch notes page.

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