The Cutest League Of Legends Plushies & Pillows

TeamOverpowered 2014-09-25

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League of Legends plushies!! So cute.

I love league of legends and I love plushies, so when Jinx started doing league of legends plushies then you can imagine how excited I was. Also along with the cute plushies Jinx are doing some awesome pillows, ever felt like sitting on baron… err well now you can with the baron pillow! You can also grab the tibbers pillow too, its imba cute! All of these products are high quality and processed through a secure shopping cart.

Check out all of the LoL plushies below, click the one you like and then grab it from Jinx.

League Of Legends Rammus Plushie League of Legends Baron Pillow League of Legends Tibbers Pillow

If you wanted even more then click here to check out the full League of Legends range.

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