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DOTA 2 T Shirts & Plushies

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DoTA 2 is a great game, after playing it more and more I realise how awesome it actually is. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any t shirts for DoTA 2 (Yes, I feel pro with pwning a game with my gaming t shirt on, it’s awesomesauce….).

Luckily for us Jinx has stepped up to the plate and launched some pro tees for us. I especially like the Donkey t shirt, that is the one I got. It was a tough decision between the Drow and Donkey t shirt, but I am a bit of a sap so I went with the donkey tee, it’s imba cute!!

Also if you love cute stuff then check out the plushie as well, I know what I am spending my next pay cheque on lol!

Click the images below to see the full description of each t shirt/plushie.

DOTA 2 Drow T Shirt DOTA 2 Donkey Wizard Tee DOTA 2 Axe T Shirt DOTA 2 Tidehunter T Shirt DOTA 2 Donkey Plushie DOTA 2 Womens T Shirt - Axe DOTA 2 Womens Drow T Shirt DOTA 2 Donkey Courier T Shirt

If you want to check out the full DoTA 2 range then click here.

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