World Of Tanks T Shirts? BOOM!!! Awesome.

TeamOverpowered 2014-04-28

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All I can say is Tanks for these t shirts Jinx…….. *sigh* anyone got anything better?
Anyway, these t shirts are the awesome quality you expect from Jinx and even better they look sick, especially the ROLL OUT t shirt, that is probably my favourite design. You can even get one of those wicked world of tanks keyrings, just click here to check them out cos they are pretty awesome looking, they also look nice and heavy, perfect on your tank keys (Do tanks have keys? I guess so…).

Check out all the brand new t shirts from Jinx below and click your favourite for me details.

WoT 2 Year Anniversary T Shirt World Of Tanks Hoodie World Of Tanks Camping T Shirt Official Logo T Shirt - World Of Tanks World Of Tanks Roll Out T Shirt wolf pack t shirt WoT sixth sense t shirt world of tanks academy t shirt

To have a look at all of the world of tanks t shirts, just click here..

All of these t shirts are made from the very best materials, like cotton and stuff I guess?

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