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TeamOverpowered 2011-10-15

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Hey guys and welcome to the new Sona Champion guide for League of Legends, now there are many guides out there on Sona and how to play her I am not claiming this is the best and we all have different play styles, builds and strategies that work for us. This is however great if you have never played the champ before or you are finding that she just isn’t working for you and want a change. This build works for me, I rarely lose a game playing Sona in this way and I certainly have never come across another Sona in a game who could beat me, so here goes…

Overview of Sona
Sona is a sometimes misunderstood support, play her once and you may find she isn’t as easy as Riot have portrayed her or as fun as other characters, she certainly isn’t a damage dealer or a tank but she is by know means helpless. She is neither OP or nerfed she is well balanced and I would rate her as one of the best supports for arranged 5v5 this is because she works well when the team are well coordinated particularly when using her ultimate. With regards to solo queue Sona is still great but you are often only as good as your carry and if you are unlucky in who your teammates pick you could lose your lane. Sona works best in the bottom lane of an arranged team with a ranged AD carry (great laning partners for Sona can be found below). A ranged AD is best simply because they can take all the creep whilst the two of you constantly poke the enemy players, but more on that later. So that’s an overview of Sona now let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

Build Items

This is the build that I find works best on Sona against a balanced team and an explanation of why I choose these items.

Before the game starts
Before leaving base I take a fairy charm, two wards and three mana potions.
This is because in the early laning phase Sona can suffer with her mana regen and both the charm and the potions help with this, usually your Carry will need to return to base as often as possible and you may need the mana regen for better sustain so you can remain there longer, hold the lane and keep poking the enemy. The fairy charm also builds into and philosophers stone which in turn builds into one of your core items, Surelyas reverie.
The wards should be obvious and are a must for any support champ place one in the bushes if the enemies continue to hide in there and gank you. At 4mins place one in the river this will enable you to see the enemy jungler or mid champ coming in for a gank.

First time back
Buy a philosophers stone and a heart on gold. (more wards if you can afford)
The philosophers stone is great to scale up your mana regen as you will need to poke more and heal more at this stage whilst always having enough stored mana for your stun if needed. The heart of gold is essential as you should be getting no last hits on creep whilst your Carry is in the lane and your gold collection will suffer greatly, if you don’t have some gold per 5 you could easily fall behind other champs in lane.

Second time back
Ionian boots of lucidity and Surelyas reverie. (still more wards…)

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