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TeamOverpowered 2015-05-28

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Clean Up Crew is a fish aquarium game where you have to scrub algae with your finger off the screen as quickly as possible! See if you can

Version 1.0
– 8 Stages, each with increasing difficulty.
– 24 levels per stage with twists and turns along the way.
– 190+ levels to complete.
– 4 different cleaners to discover and use to frantically clean your tank.
– Watch out for the nasties, eels can ruin your day!
– No in app purchases, ever, just buy, play and enjoy.


The Game

The game itself involves cleaning Algae from the screen of a reef aquarium. Select the correct cleaner for the correct algae, dodge the nasty fish and beat the timer. It’s a simple game with an addictive feel to it. The timer becomes increasingly more difficult to beat as the levels increase, which adds to the fun of the game.

This is a game probably aimed more at children playing with their parents, it’s simple, colourful and teaches children to match colours together by selecting the correct cleaner.

I would recommend this game for the younger generation or for people who enjoy frantic games with a lot of actions and touches involved.

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