Essential Tabletop RPG Gear (Part 1): Dice

TeamOverpowered 2016-05-20

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A standard dice as we know them today (6 sides, with dots) might be older than you think. These 6 sided dice are roughly 7,000 years ago. Mesopotamians carved dice into the standard cube dice we still use in our role playing games. It’s crazy to think that dice are that old, but dice could be even older in the form of seeds marked on it’s sides and thrown to determine a number.

Today we take dice for granted and just grab any old white plastic dice with black dots on it, you know the kind I mean. You can grab these sorts of dice from Amazon and eBay, but what if you wanted something special, after all Mesopotamians didn’t settle for any old dice, they carved their own. Well luckily for you I have just the place.

Extra Special Dice

copper-dice-setOver on they offer a wide range of dice, from bulk dice (with very clear numbers on them) to heavier metal dice. I am lucky enough to own said dice and I have to tell you, they really are quite something. The copper dice are really well made and the numbers are easy to read. I would highly recommend the copper dice and would recommend buying them if you’re serious about tabletop RPG’s or any tabletop game that require a set of dice.

Easy Dice Roller don’t just do copper dice, they have a large range of high quality metal dice, although my favourite are the copper ones, I do still like the look of the gun metal dice, which come in orange, pink, blue and other wonderful colours.

Bulk Sets of Dice

bulk-diceNow, when you hear bulk dice you think, oh yeah, those horrible plastic dice with the dots half missing, well not these. These dice are very easy to read and have numbers instead of dots, which in my opinion as a veteran tabletop gamer, numbers are superior to dots.

The bulk dice have a nice feel to them and are a little weighted, they don’t just fly straight out of your hand.

The Wyvern Dice Pouch

wyvern-bagAfter purchasing your dice, you’re going to need somewhere to keep them, in comes the Wyvern Dice Pouch. In the pictures on the website it looks good, but in person it’s so much better. The material is very thick and sturdy and has a nice feel to it. The amount of dice you can keep in this thing is crazy! Just be careful the Wyvern doesn’t decide to keep your dice for good, muahaha!

Leather Dice Cups

EasyDiceRoller also offer leather dice cups, I haven’t acquired any of these but if the quality of their cases for their current dice are anything to go buy, then I expect these to be great too.

A final note on EasyDiceRoller as a company, I have received great communication from them and can recommend them to anyone looking for some lovely dice or dice bags.


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