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TeamOverpowered 2012-03-06

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So the new Master Custom Map is now available, and according to blizzard it offers you the opportunity to put your skills to the test! Great!

For the full information then check out the blog post over on

Plenty of us have been trying to improve our multiplayer skills with rigorous training and lots of custom games with higher rated friends, well the new master map could be just what we are looking for.

It sets up different challenges which can potentially help us to improve our multiplayer skills. The challenges can vary and be great for specific tasks needed for online play, for example kiting a single unit around to kill it for victory.

These fun and demanding challenges range from “kiting” a single unit, to managing incoming damage and maximizing unit abilities, to controlling a mix of units to obtain victory over a superior enemy force.

Luckily for difficult tasks you can jump around to different ones so you can have a go at them, or even crack all the easy ones before starting the ones you find more difficult. It looks as though the main aim for this map is to improve your micro management of units, which is the act of using your units to kill as many units as possible whilst losing as little as possible yourself. I am sure there are better explanations but that is mine and I like it :p.

Check out the map and leave your comments below regarding this addition to the Starcraft 2 universe.

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