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TeamOverpowered 2011-10-15

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Hey guys, we are going to run through the best possible ways of scouting for each of the 3 races, Protoss, Terran and Zerg.

Some of them have very handy abilities to help them in scouting, whilst others rely on a couple of sneaky tactics which I’m going to share with you

Protoss Scouting

Probe Scout
Using your probe early in the game you can get a free look into the enemies base. This allows you to see everything they are working on, whilst remaining in their base after they have walled up their ramp.

The information you recieve from your initial probe is going to be some of the best knowledge you will receive the whole game, the workers for each race are fairly fast compared to some other units and can see a decent amount of the shrouded fog of war. The best place to scout with your probe after their main base is going to be for fast expansions, if you see these come up, you want to rush them and get them destroyed as quickly as possible.

Phoenix Scout
You can use the phoenix as an excellent scout as they are extremely fast and can move whilst shooting as well, use these during the mid to late game for an excellent look at the units you will need to counter

These are purely for scouting and detecting units, one of the best scouts in the game, they can fly around stealthed and can be very difficult to find, if you place these carefully you can recieve a huge amount of information on your enemys base.

Terran Scouting

SCV Scout
Very similar to the probe scout, the trick with this is to send them out early to get hold of valuable information early on, the things you want to find out is if they are going early gas, an early expansion, or even a slow first barracks can be exploited

These is one of the best abilities to be able to scout, it can also detect hidden units whilst it is still scanning, this can be clicked anywhere on the map and it does not require any micro just a little bit of knowledge where the enemy is (rough location), this will provide you with a huge amount of knowledge

Vikings and Medivacs are the initial aircraft for terran, you can use these to find out about the enemies base, I recommend a viking as if you see the enemy is completely vunerable to attack at their minerals you can quickly land and get some damage done!

Zerg Scouting

Drone Scout
Same as before these workers are the first unit you will have so they can scout the enemys base quicker than anything else available at the start.

Overlords are excellent base scouts, but they are initially very slow and you need them for your supply, the best way to use overlords is to get them in a hidden position with the edge of their field of view where you want to scout, for example at the very back of the enemys base near their minerals, this will give you excellent knowledge in real time rather than when you need it (scanning for terran is an example)

Because zerglings are so cheap you can use them to scout they also can be upgraded to become very fast, for 50 minerals you can create 2 zerglings which of course can do twice the scouting a marine can.

Flying Scout
Zerg have the overlord to help scout which can be morphed into Overseers these are excellent scouts and can detect units, worth morphing some of your Overlords into Overseers!

That’s it for now, let me know your ideas, comments and suggestions below!

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