Which Minecraft Automatic Farms Should You Build?

TeamOverpowered 2020-01-16

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If like me you love Minecraft, then finding good Minecraft videos or blogs about automatic farms is the best. I can binge-watch a ton of content if it is related to my current favourite game. My current favourite game being Minecraft.

What videos to watch

My favourite type of Minecraft video tends to either involve a lot of interaction between players or detailed Redstone contraptions. I especially like watching all of the automatic farm videos. In fact, I must have watched multiple AFK fish farm tutorials.

What automatic Minecraft farms can you make

There are a number of really good automatic farms you can make in Minecraft. Some involve you being AFK and others will work on a server even when you aren’t online. Although it’s recommended on a busy server to turn them off when you log off.

AFK Fish Farm

If you have just started a new world and managed to get enough iron for a hopper, then this farm should be a priority. You can get really lucky and even fish up a fishing rod that makes this farm even better. Keep an eye out for those enchanted books and enchanted bows too as they are very useful. Along with all the fish you get, which will keep you stocked up for a long while.

Pumpkin Farm

Although Pumpkins aren’t the best material to get hold of, they can be handy for protecting yourself against Enderman. They also can make delicious pumpkin pie! The idea with this farm is to have an observer detect when a pumpkin has grown, then pop the pumpkin off the floor with a piston.

Sugar Cane Farm

Sugar Cane is incredibly useful, you can use it for cakes and paper. Paper, in particular, is useful to increase how good your enchanting table is. It’s also handy for making maps and books you can write in.

This farm is relatively easy to build, as long as you can find some sugar cane. There are also those crazy zero tick farms that produce an amazing amount of sugar cane.

Cactus Farm

This farm works in a similar way to the sugar cane farm. You detect when the height of the cactus has grown with an observer and then you pop the cactus off by moving it with a piston. You can then have hoppers underneath to catch and move the cactus to a chest.

The main use of Cactus is to make green dye, which if you are a builder is very useful. If you don’t like building then it might not be quite as useful.

Mob Farm

A mob farm is almost a must-have, especially if you are playing on a SkyBlock or somewhere that restricts the amount of stuff you can get from mining.

The best mob farm we have found so far is the 4 by 4 platforms that all lead the mobs towards the middle of the room. There is then a drop, down to a killing chamber below.

There are more farms than the ones listed, but I thought I would share with you my essential farms for trying to get the most out of Minecraft. If you have any other farms you would like to include, then let me know in the comments below.

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