Is this the ultimate Minecraft survival base? We think so.

TeamOverpowered 2020-02-15

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This is probably the biggest and best planned Minecraft base we’ve ever seen. It’s huge and easy to build. It’s also color coded for multiple people to live in!

We built it for our small Minecraft server we have running. A group of 3 of us came together and built it and added our own touches to each corner of the base. I took the red color for myself as that’s my favorite color.


This beast of a base is very functional. There are four corners to the base that are color coded (This helped us a lot find our own section of the base). If you have a section of base left over like we did then here are a couple of ideas you could try:

  • Make it the crafting center with furnaces, enchantment tables and craft tables.
  • Make a fun game there that you can all take part in.
  • Leave it for a future player and even deck it out with some spider webs to make it look unused.
  • Add a nether portal to that part of the base so everyone can get back easily.

Why building bases are so fun in Minecraft

We love it! You should definitely build some kind of base in Minecraft and why not this one. It’s a good idea to get some friends to come along and help you build this as it’s such a social base. We absolutely love running around in it, although we haven’t played on it much just yet.

Check out the build over on:

Thanks for reading and if you make this base, then hit us up on socials to share your screenshots.

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