What Happened To Imaqtpie?

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As I sit in front of my computer, the glow of the screen illuminating the dim corners of my room, I can’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia wash over me.

It was almost a decade ago when I first stumbled upon a League of Legends stream, and there he was—Imaqtpie, with his trademark long hair and an ever-present bandana, a beacon of unadulterated joy in the gaming community.

Little did I know, this encounter would reshape my path in as a writer in the gaming industry.

Imaqtpie was unlike any other streamer at the time. His casual demeanor and his ability to laugh off even the most tilting games taught me an invaluable lesson about gaming: the importance of joy. In the world of League of Legends, where competitiveness often breeds toxicity, Imaqtpie’s streams were a sanctuary where positivity reigned supreme.

So what happened to this legend of gaming?

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Michael Santana, better known as Imaqtpie (wikipedia) once a leading figure in the League of Legends community both as a pro player and a streamer, receded from public view after a period of declining engagement with his content. Despite early successes in content creation and a robust fan base, a shift in his gaming focus and subsequent viewer drop led to a notable reduction in content production. This was followed by a surprising and concerning disappearance from Youtube for over a year.



The Rise of Imaqtpie

Early Fame and Competitive Gaming

Imaqtpie quickly made a name for himself in the nascent ‘League of Legends’ competitive scene. His skill as an AD carry shone through in his early days, playing for Team Dignitas, a team that displayed formidable prowess in tournaments such as IPL Season 3 and the LoLPro Curse Invitational. Despite a setback during the Season 2 World Championship, Imaqtpie’s personal brand remained strong, his easygoing nature endearing him to the game’s growing fanbase.

Transition to Content Creation

Streaming Stardom

After hanging up his professional gaming jersey in Season 5, Imaqtpie took to streaming and Youtube full-time. His infectious personality translated well to the streaming world, where he enjoyed rapid growth. Garnering a massive following, his stream provided not just gameplay but an abundance of humor and community engagement. He became one of Twitch’s most beloved personalities, a transition that proved more successful than his competitive career.

Recognition and Growth

Awards and Achievements

During his heyday in content creation, Imaqtpie’s appeal was recognized not just by his viewer count but by accolades such as the Domino’s Streamer of the Year award in 2016. His Twitch channel broke personal viewership records, and his foray into Youtube garnered a substantial following, solidifying his status as a premier gaming personality.

Controversy and Community


Navigating Through Drama

Despite his popularity, Imaqtpie was not immune to controversy. A public disagreement with another streamer led to unfounded allegations that cast a shadow over his reputation. Nevertheless, Imaqtpie pressed on, continuing to produce content and maintain his position as a central figure in the gaming community.

Expanding Horizons

Diversifying Content

Imaqtpie’s decision to branch out into other games marked a turning point in his career. His viewership suffered as he stepped away from ‘League of Legends’ to explore titles like ‘Valorant’ and ‘Team Fight Tactics.’ This pivot hinted at a need for reinvention to maintain his relevance in the fast-changing gaming landscape.

The Unexpected Hiatus

A Sudden Silence

After years of consistent streaming and content creation, Imaqtpie’s output began to wane. The drop in engagement was stark, with video uploads becoming sporadic and the once vibrant energy of his content fading. This decline led to an abrupt year-long absence from Youtube, leaving fans bewildered and concerned for the creator who had once been a staple of their daily entertainment.

Thanks guys, I will leave you with this final video of his best moments…