League Of Legends Heartsteel Skins Reveal!

League Of Legends Heartsteel Skins TeamOverpowered 2023-11-07

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Hey guys, TeamOP’s resident League fanatic, Ssorn – here with another awesome update!

Heartsteel Skins Reveal

The summoner’s rift is all abuzz with Riot Games tossing their hat back into the musical ring. After their smash-hit virtual band KD/A, they’ve pulled another rabbit out of their hat with an all-male group storming the charts – say a big “hello” to HEARTSTEEL, folks!

This band of digital heartthrobs is dishing out a medley of K-pop, hip-hop, and electronic tunes, with their debut single “PARANOIA” causing quite a delightful ruckus in the League of Legends community. Fans practically climb the walls in anticipation of seeing what these stylish gents will do next.

Now, let’s spill the tea on what we’ve all come to know about the eagerly awaited HEARTSTEEL skins – from their grand debut date to the champions getting the pop star treatment, and the all-important question: “How many quid am I dropping on these beauties?”

League of Legends Heartsteel Skins Champion Lineup

Quick as a flash after their first teaser, League’s newest virtual boy band HEARTSTEEL has already got a fan club the size of a small country, thanks in no small part to their strikingly reimagined aesthetic.

Each of the six members will be graced with their Heartsteel skin. The dark horse Kayn snags himself a Legendary skin, while Yone isn’t just making do with a regular skin – oh no – he’s going Prestige. Talk about climbing the ladder of luxury.

League of Legends Heartsteel Skins Price

For the most part, these dazzling Heartsteel skins are sliding into the Epic tier. That means you can snag ’em for the standard Epic Skin fare of 1350 RP in the League client’s Skin Store when they drop.

As for Kayn’s swanky Legendary Heartsteel skin, you’ll be parting with 1820 RP. Yone’s Prestige number is a bit different – it’s all yours for 100 Prestige Points.

League of Legends Heartsteel Skins Release Date

Mark your calendars, summoners! The HEARTSTEEL skins will be strutting into the spotlight on 8 November, aligning with Patch 13.22 and just in time to cheer on the heavy hitters at Worlds 2023.

And if you fancy a bit of trivia, Riot’s not just throwing these skins at us willy-nilly. With Season 2 of Arcane looming on the horizon for the latter part of 2024, it seems Riot’s warming up the crowd with a bit of tune and spectacle.


Now, don’t just read about it – go and feast your ears on “PARANOIA”! Riot’s music maestros released this track on the 23rd of October, and you can give it a whirl on YouTube or any self-respecting music streaming service.

HEARTSTEEL is mixing it up with a style that’s as unique as a snowflake in a Sahara – a testament to the real-world artists lending their pipes to our virtual champions. With the music video brandishing some flashy mixed-media animation, it’s safe to say Riot’s still got the magic touch.

So, keep those eyes peeled and those wallets ready, for the HEARTSTEEL lads are sure to make a splash in both your playlists and your League of Legends wardrobes.



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