Star Wars The Old Republic – Update 1.2 – Legacy System

TeamOverpowered 2012-03-13

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Star Wars The Old Republic has announced some of the updates coming in patch 1.2, including some great little bits about the Legacy System. SWTOR fans will be glad to hear that some of the updates include:

  • An updated Legacy System
  • PvP Warzone Ranks
  • Guild Banks
  • UI Customization

For the full run down of all the features coming in patch 1.2 then check out: its a great 2 minute video summarising the majority of the new updates. One of the new operations looks very epic and chaotic, awesome.

The UI Customization is something that a lot of SWTOR fans will really be looking forward to, you can start to move everything round to how you would like it to be.

It also looked like we could see some training dummies to test our DPS on, surely with that there must be some way to know your DPS aswell? Very exciting for us SWTOR fans.

Along with all of the other great features we can also look to enjoy new corellia daily missions too.

Enjoy it and keep on gaming!

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