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Tera Online – Playthrough From MMOSite

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The guys over on has kindly put together a pretty nice preview of Tera Online. There is not a huge amount of sites covering Tera online, but the ones that do, do it very well.

In the video they run through the first dungeon in Tera Online – Bastion of LoK

If you want to check it out then head on over to: the video is great and remember to leave your comments below regarding Tera Online, so we can discuss how game changing for the MMO genre this game could be.

With so many games promising a new era of MMO gaming it is going to be difficult for smaller companies to really compete with the large productions like Guild Wars 2 and “Project Titan”. The great thing about this though, is that they may stumble upon the next great mechanic for an MMO, which is great for us gamers.

If you want to find out more about Tera then checkout the Tera Online website over at:

In Tera Online there will be 8 classes, a lot with new names than your regular MMO so that alone is pretty exciting to see. The classes are:

The ones I am most looking forward to playing are the Lancer and Mystic, I always find new and interesting classes fun to play.

Enjoy the video guys and let us know your thoughts below!

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