SC2 and KeSPA?

TeamOverpowered 2012-04-26

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Starcraft 2 has always been dominated by GomTV in Korea, they have been able to have SC2 tournaments for them selves for quite some time now.

Mike Morhaime from Blizzard Entertainment went to Korea to see if he could ease the tensions and try and put some agreements in place for KeSPA and Blizzard to work together and get some tournaments for KeSPA. South Korea is one of the biggest if not the biggest gaming area around.

Tournaments are held constantly and the pro gamers in Korea are regarded as highly as our sporting legends in the UK and America.

Hopefully, thanks to a visit from Blizzard the fans of Starcraft 2 in South Korea will start to see them everywhere.

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The quote from Mike Morhaime: “I am aware of KeSPA and OGN’s wishes to run a Starcraft 2 tournament. I expect all issues to be dealt with and a tournament to open this year. Alot will happen in Korea this year.”.

Have fun gaming!

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