Demon Hunter Trailer – Diablo 3

TeamOverpowered 2018-03-18

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Everyone is saying, “ohh man I am so gonna go witch doctor” or “it has to be a wizard”… it is all witch doctor that or wizard this.

Until Now.

Yea sure those other champions are cool, but that is because we didn’t have the full version, awesomeness of the Demon Hunter trailer and wow is it awesome, yes of course it is, otherwise I wouldn’t of used the word awesome three times in this paragraph.

In the video you can see crazy amounts of damage being done to wave after wave of enemies, whilst still being able to dash away with their unique roll ability.

The demon hunter looks great and does great amounts of damage, what more could you want in your quest for expensive items to sell on the auction house. A few of the best abilities the demon hunter has available will be available from almost the very start. You get some great abilities from just level 7 aswell.

If you did not take part in the open beta, then don’t worry Team OP has a huge video coming featuring the Monk and Witch doctor. Stay tuned.

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