Guild Wars 2 Squad Chat & Region Lock

TeamOverpowered 2012-04-26

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ArenaNet were having massive issues with this gigantic beast of World V World chat. Everyone talking in it at the same time would render it almost useless. So they had to come up with a way to work around it. They decided to go with a squad based system.

“Squads are our solution to some of the communication difficulty we experienced early on in WvW. Good communication is an inextricable part of excelling on the battlefield, and our existing channels weren’t quite meeting our needs. Team chat was too large because everyone in the entire map could talk in it, resulting in too much noise. On the other hand, parties—which are capped at five members—were too small. In order to bridge that gap, we designed the squad system, which allows communication on a larger scale than parties, but in a much more focused manner than team chat.”

This is directly from:, if you want the full information.

Guild Wars 2 will be released hopefully some time this year, but with that mind, what should we be purchasing? Make sure you got the right one because it is going to be region locked. So if you want to play with US friends, make sure you got a US version, the same with EU aswell.

Here is the quote from ArenaNet regarding the region locking.

“Is my copy of Guild Wars 2 tied to my region?

Yes. To play from North America you must purchase a North American copy of the game. To play from Europe you must purchase a European copy of the game. Note that this restriction impacts where you can play from, not which game worlds you can choose to play on.

By purchasing the correct copy of the game, you’re supporting the game in your country, and you’ll be connecting to your local data center, using your local customer support team, and downloading the correct language support for your country.”

So get buying your copy of Guild Wars 2, but make sure you have the correct region lock!

Back to the Squads, there is also thought from ArenaNet that this squad system will be a good way for people to contribute together in open world PvE events aswell. I hope so as it can be a little annoying to continually leave your group and then join another and then back again and then… you get the idea.

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