Dustin Browder Talks Heart of the Swarm and Dota 2

TeamOverpowered 2012-04-26

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The Starcraft 2 development team are currently working non stop to try and get HotS to us as efficiently as possible. Bad news is on the horizon though, there has been some drops in the ranks for the starcraft 2 units and we are not sure what really is going to be in the final expansion now.

Terran Changes
The terrans have lost their shredder which is sad news, if like me you were really looking forward to the shredder, then don’t it doesn’t exist – poor little shredder is gone. Along with the shredder there is always a little hesitance towards the warhound. Hopefully we don’t see this guy go too!
One thing that does look great for terrans though is a long range launcher unit to try and deal with the siege tanks in TvT, this would be a great addition to the Terran war force!

Protoss Changes
No suprises, the replicant has been cut, this was no doubt far too difficult to try and balance, I had my doubts from the start, but it has now been confirmed. The tempest is now a long ranged ship with no splash damage as it was no longer necessary. They are also looking at nexus abilities which could be interesting for protoss attacking forces.

Zerg Changes
The zerg is the least changed of all the factions, but the viper will be transitioned into a more caster type unit which is good news for the Zerg. Along with that the team have been testing out some different types of nydus worms which look like great fun.

So Heart of the Swarm is forever changing and probably still has loads and loads of changes to go through.

If you want to read up on the full article then check out the post by Dustin Browder on the Starcraft 2 site: http://eu.battle.net/sc2/en/blog/4055889/Developer_Update_Heart_of_the_Swarm_Multiplayer_-11_04_2012#blog

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