Diablo 3 Beta Video: Witch Doctor Getting To Tristam

TeamOverpowered 2018-03-18

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Hey guys, just a quick post to share with you my Witch Doctor on Diablo 3 beta getting to tristam, quite a short video, but the long 1080p version is compressing as I type, so stay tuned.

In the video I start off checking out a couple of my Witch Doctery type spells, they look pretty impressive and I am excited to get stuck in. Shooting off a few poison darts I take down the first minions with ease and no problem at all.

I make my way to Tristam by fighting through a few small monsters just to ease me in I guess. Once I am there I then start my journey to Beta Victory!

The Witch Doctor was my personal favourite to play along with the Wizard, Kitty liked the Monk the best, I am not sure if it was purely on looks or maybe actually liking the abilities. Looks are very important for a Kitty (a girl gamer, but does that make a difference? Maybe).

Hope you enjoy it, as always like the video and leave your comments to help us out!

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