Diablo 3 1080p HD Beta Video – Witch Doctor and Monk Fight To The End

TeamOverpowered 2018-03-18

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Hey guys, in this video me (Lynq) and Kitty destroy a little D3 beta, woot!

It is very very smooth as you would expect from a Blizzard title, we did suffer some issues with trying to get connected to each other and just gave up trying to connect to friends once we got inside a game. So there is just the two of us, Witch Doctor and Monk.

The Witch Doctor is an extremely powerful class with lots of creatures and high damage. The monk is also a strong class with some healing and potential tanking prowess.

The video is the majority of the beta content if you include the diablo 3 trip to tristam video earlier on Team OP. The beta content is limited (naturally) so we did not get to show off a huge amount of skills, but there is definately enough to have fun with. The Witch Doctor has this great ability called flame bats, which you will see a lot in the video. You can just burn down your enemies with a cone of fiery bats, how awesome is that?

The monk has a nice looking ability where they can kick out in an arc and push back enemies, doing decent damage aswell. This saved me a couple of times during our stay in the beta. Beta is now over and launch is almost upon us, so if you haven’t already I recommend grabbing a copy of Diablo 3, it looks awesome, plays awesome and is the natural smooth experience you expect from Blizzard.

Enjoy Diablo 3 and come back to let us know your insane triumphs and achievements.

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