Guild Wars 2 Beta – HD Engineer (With Brief Commentary)

TeamOverpowered 2018-03-18

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So Guild Wars 2 is now in open beta. Awesome! I managed to grab myself a pre purchase copy and hop into the beta. The combat is smooth and enjoyable, you don’t feel rooted in place because of the usual things of while casting you must be rooted, or channeling. You can move whilst you are attacking, plus if you are good enough you can dodge, move and attack at the same time! this makes for a really fun enjoyable combat system.

The only issues I really had was this wierd one I feel sometimes on some MMO games, you feel like your character isn’t really attached to the ground, hard to explain. I got over that one though and thoroughly enjoyed the game. The actual sticking point was the fact that I could not log in for a long period of time, sure this is just beta and it is stress testing, but you do expect to be able to actually get in and test, isn’t that the whole point? Ok ok I got in I am just nerd raging because I didn’t get in earlier :p

All in all the beta was great fun and I enjoyed running round half knowing where I was going and half just killing or helping whatever and whoever I fancied. It was great fun.

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