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Tera Working On Account Issues

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ENMASSE have been working on the account issues for Tera Online. As the launch approaches they are attempting to smooth out all of these issues. This is their top priority, which makes sense as not being able to login to a game you paid for would suck a lot.

Along with the updates ENMASSE have also published a post regarding their game guide and specifically the guild section. Check out the following link for the full details: There is the usual suspects in the guild section including, guild logo, guild bank, guild rank and so on, but there is something nice which not all games really include. The addition of Guild Quests looks great. The quests inside Everquest 2 for guilds were great fun and made being in a guild feel like it was not only worthwhile but actually engaging.

Another great aspect of the Tera Online guilds is that guilds can compete in Guild V Guild battles, these are on going 24 hour battles which sounds like a true real time battle.

Here is the quote from ENMASSE: “Guilds can participate in special Guild vs. Guild battles. Once declared, for up to 24 hours, the competing guilds can “kill” each other on sight anywhere PvP is enabled. A guild can be involved in up to three such battles at one time.”.

ENMASSE are also trying to balance the queue times for certain PvP servers, they half managed to cut them down by half by opening up another server and then giving character transfers out for the new server. If you try and think of an actual solution though, there really isn’t one you can think of.

I am looking forward to Tera Online and hopefully the combat is as great as all the videos.

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