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TeamOverpowered 2012-05-10

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Blizzard posted up a blog post regarding the changes for Starcraft 2 Heart Of The Swarm. The changes relate heavily to multiplayer and what kind of features are going to be introduced with the new expansion.

Global Play
Global play has already been announced for Diablo 3, which allows you to switch over to a different region away from your ‘home region’. We assume that this will work very similar in Starcraft 2, where you can switch over to the american or even korean servers to fight it out on their region. This will be great for many gamers in europe as the competition in Korea can be extremely fierce allowing you to get in some hard training.

Multiplayer Resume From Replay
This will be a great update for tournaments as it will allow you to resume a game from a replay. Being able to continue a tournament in times of disaster.

Unranked Matchmaking
This is a huge one for casual gamers, you feel like you are good at the game, but not quite at your best? You can now play as many match made games as you like without affecting your rank. This is an update I am personally looking forward to, as I play so many games it is difficult to keep up with just one.

Clan/Group System
There is not a lot of details around this at the moment, but everyone likes being able to be part of a clan and get some clan team play going. If this is a good system then we may see some more clan leagues for Starcraft 2 which is only a good thing.

These changes are great for the Starcraft 2 community, hopefully we will see them implemented in classic Blizzard style with clean and smooth UI.

Heart of the Swarm is the new expansion for Starcraft 2 focusing on the Zerg side of the story. The original game focused on the Terran and the second expansion will be focusing on the Protoss. We will wait and see what will exactly be involved in the story once it is fully released.

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