With Diablo III Release Comes Great Responsibility (Spoiler Alert)

TeamOverpowered 2012-05-16

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So after about 12 and a half hours of some serious gaming, I have completed normal mode for Diablo III (yes, I am awesome… and lonely). If you haven’t got the game yet, then do it, it is awesome and I will be playing it over and over again, looking for new bits to explore, play around with certain builds and earn a ton of gold from the auction house.

The game is fast, exciting and full of great cinematics and in game cut scenes.

Leah is the main character of the game and she has great power, but with great power comes great responsibility.

Below this line there could contain heavy spoilers about the game story, so do not scroll any further if you do not wish to spoil the storyline.

The battles are great, at the first battle with Belial it looks slightly tame and I start to think, ok this is going a little too easy and there isn’t a great deal of mechanics, then Wham! out of no where he turns into his true form and it is awesome. The fight was quick and not drawn out, but tricky enough to give you something to think about. This will be great on inferno. The game itself is great, there is a few parts which can be a tiny bit repetitive or drawn out. Searching for the Portals in heaven is a little tedious, but not serious enough to put me off playing it over and over again.

The dungeon areas can be a little annoying when you search one half of the dungeon to find out, ok it is right over the other side. This is part of any dungeon based game and is normal of course. Most of the reasons I got annoyed with Diablo 3 is when I couldn’t be bothered to explore that extra little bit of fog, only to find out that is where I needed to go and I am at the opposite end (100% me being lazy).

I was playing the Wizard, this class has some very fun abilities, along with the usual suspects of magic missiles and blizzard, you also have some close ranged combat abilities, like the spectral swords and the rune to turn your orb into an orb shield instead.

A few quick hints I found help me take down Diablo at level 29:
– Use the Hydra, it does damage whilst you are concentrating staying alive.
– Use the Orb with the rune to turn it into a shield, same reason as above.
– Frost nova is great for stopping all of Diablos abilities.
– Focus on staying alive.
– Bind your “Force No Movement” key to spacebar, it helps a lot.

Diablo was great fun and I can’t wait to get back in there and try it on Nightmare Mode.

I hope you all enjoy Diablo III as much as I do, leave your comments below.

P.s. the responsibility is to bring about the demise of Diablo.

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