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TeamOverpowered 2011-10-19

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Which game do you play? World of Warcraft? League of Legends? Age of Empires?

If you have a game you need help on then visit our guide section to find out awesome hints and tips for loads of games.

League of Legends
LoL has plenty of champion guides a lot of which cone from our visitors. Send us your guides and we will review them then upload to our website with your gamer tag all over it! We will also include your YouTube link if you have a YouTube channel.

Starcraft 2
Build orders, unit composition, Terran strategy, Protoss strategy, Zerg strategy and more! We have loads of guides for your favourite Starcraft race. Read our general micro guide on tips to improve your general Starcraft 2 skills.

WoW Arena
Arena can be very difficult it is constantly evolving, because of this you need to keep up to date with the latest OP classes and class combinations. Great news now you can just visit our guide section on the website.

Counter Strike
Wonder how the pros get so many headshots and so quickly aswell? You need to visit our guides page to find out how. The list of tips and tricks when playing Counter Strike is an excellent start guide to becoming awesome.

Whatever game you play there will be a whole host of game guides either created by the Team Overpowered team or by the visitors of the website who have a vast knowledge of the games. All game guides are reviewed by us personally.

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