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TeamOverpowered 2012-05-23

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Some of the questions in the latest Star Wars the Old Republic Q & A could contain some spoilers, so be warned!

The first question revolved around hybrid classes, it feels from the answer that Bioware like hybrid classes, but want to make sure that they are not as strong at a specific role as a pure class.

Alacrity could potentially be getting an overhaul as it reduces your energy faster, thus regenerating your energy slower, a little counter productive. There are no actual details on what they could look at doing, but they did mention passive alacrity boosts in certain talent trees.

There are no plans to change companion skills.

Legacy unlocks will be transferred across when transferring realms, allowing players more freedom to move around to different servers.

One thing of note from the Q&A was the answer in regards to certain PvP classes having a higher advantage in Huttball. In my honest opinion, I completely disagree with the answer given.”Cover defense” or “controlling the middle” is not fun and it is a game after all, you want it to be fun. So we cover the middle whilst sages and guardians are leaping and jumping all over the place? No fair! I still think some classes are overpowered in Huttball. Here is the answer:

It is something we considered early in development of the map. However, we aimed to ensure every class had a role as opposed to effectively turning classes off when they carry the ball. Granted, some of those roles are not as obvious or have a steeper learning curve than simply getting the ball over the line (i.e. controlling the middle, cover defense, controlling hazard lines, etc.). The team composition win ratios suggest those roles are playing out for the most part. For example, teams with all Sages and Guardians do not even appear in the top 100 win ratios and the composition with the highest win ratios include a fairly even distribution of Advanced Classes. That, of course, is not an absolute conclusion, especially considering full team compositions rely on matchmaking. We’ll pay close attention to the variance in composition win ratio considering rating when full team queuing is enabled.

If you want to check out the full Q & A for yourself then head on over to: http://www.swtor.com/blog/community-qa-may-11th-2012.

Leave your comments below, what do you think about the PvP situation in Huttball?

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