Guild Wars 2 Release Date? Not Yet.

TeamOverpowered 2012-05-23

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Everyone is on the edge of their seats for a release date on GW2. They want to be able to play and enjoy the game fully and immerse themselves (Which you can’t quite do in a beta).

There was news of a release date appearing on the web, June the 28th. Unfortunately NCSoft has said this is not the case and they will release the game when it is ready. It makes sense to release a game when it is ready, although please release it now.

That is all, just a quick update on a potential Guild Wars 2 release date. Diablo III was said to be released in April by many retailers and other third parties and eventually ended up releasing in May, maybe we will see Guild Wars 2 released in July instead.

Anyway, enjoy the GW2 pictures and we will keep you updated when we hear anything else. Leave your comments below for complete speculation on a possible, maybe in the future sometime release date.

Oh and here is another picture for you to feast upon. Personally I love the look of all the classes in Guild Wars 2, although my favourite from playing part of the beta was the Thief. If you get a chance then play the beta and grab some screenshots, send them into us and we will update them in our gallery.

Enjoy gaming!

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