Diablo III – Hardcore Inferno Mode Completed

TeamOverpowered 2012-06-21

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We all knew this day would come, but did we know it would come so soon?

Diablo III has been completed on hardcore inferno mode, by the Toronto-based pro gamer, Kripparrian. Kripparrian posted up a video on YouTube showing the 25 minute long fight with the Diablo himself. He was also congratulated (eventually?) by the Bash on twitter.

Putting this post up 38 days after Diablo III has been released seems crazy, but we have to remember that these are pro gamers completing game, not just us regulars!

Now it is your turn to get Diablo III defeated on hardcore mode, are you ready to attempt the challenge? Send us in your videos or screenshots of your accomplishments to info@teamoverpowered.com.

Good luck guys and keep on saving sanctuary from the threat it faces!

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