Minecraft Blacksmith Tutorial

TeamOverpowered 2019-09-28

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In this video tutorial, I show you how to build a pretty awesome blacksmith. It uses dark prismarine for the roof to give that high fantasy feel.

The key to this build is having a central forge, with the main building to the left and a small shelter for the blacksmith to work under. Inside the sheltered area, there is a quenching pool, some iron blocks and the large forge.

On the wall is a little set of hammers (axes with item frames inside them). There are also a set of iron bars to keep passersby from accidentally wandering too close to the hot forge.

Next, we have the main structure, which is a series of stone grey bricks, spruce for the wooden beams and andesite for the lower level of rock. On the outside, I have used bone meal to grow the grass and flowers. I have added in some bits of gravel and coarse dirt to break up the mass of grass.

This was a really cool build, that I will be trying to implement into my current big build. Along with that, I will also be attempting to go to the end shortly to gear up!

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