Minecraft How To Build A Drawbridge

TeamOverpowered 2020-01-26

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Build things in Minecraft that are functional is incredibly satisfying. I love being things that look and have a hidden function to them. Sometimes it’s difficult to hide the Redstone on complicated functionality, but in this build, it’s super easy.

The Basic Idea Of A Drawbridge

A classic drawbridge is actually rotated up flat to the castle gate, but in Minecraft making things rotate on an axis is (probably not impossible) but incredibly tedious and often pointless. So to counter this we can go with a bridge that just completely disappears when it is activated.

The video above goes through the Redstone behind this, which is really easy. The Redstone is a series of sticky pistons that when powered are visible through the lava. When unpowered, the blocks sink down hidden by the Lava. It’s such an easy build I recommend you give it a go.

What Materials Do You Need To Build A Drawbridge?

The main materials for a drawbridge are Redstone dust, repeaters, sticky pistons, an inflammable building block, a lever, and some lava. Oh, also you will need a hole to build it in.

Another thing you might want to do is build up the wall and gate beforehand so that you can plan everything out correctly.

I hope this helped you out and you can get a quick idea of how to build retracting bridges! Thanks for reading.

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