Minecraft How To Build A House

TeamOverpowered 2020-01-26

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Welcome to another video guide by me Lynqoid! Today’s video will show you how to obtain the materials required to build a basic house and survive the first night of Minecraft.

The key to making a first starter house is to collect wood and fast! So let’s get started.


When I get started in Minecraft I start to imagine build orders from RTS games. A build order is when you just have a series of movements/actions you take to get to a certain point of the game as fast as possible.

Minecraft First House Build Order

So here is the quick start Minecraft build order for building a house:

  • Run to the closest tree
  • Punch the tree logs down with your hand, until you have 3 logs.
  • Put the logs into your inventory crafter and make wooden planks.
  • Put 4 planks in a square inside your inventory crafter, to make a crafting table.
  • Place the crafting table down.
  • Add 1 plank above another one in the crafting table to create sticks.
  • Place 1 stick in the two bottom middle squares on the crafting table.
  • Place 3 planks in the top left, top middle and left middle squares to make an axe.
  • Now you can use this axe to collect wood even faster.

Now you know how to quickly get wood, you can use the same principle to make a pickaxe and find the nearest stone.

Starter House Materials

The best material to use for creating your first Minecraft house is going to be wood. This is because it’s the first material you will find in a good location for a house.

Wood also lends itself to making a fairly nice house compared to just cobblestone on its own as you can use logs and planks together to make it look nice.

Where To Build Your First House

One of the best places to build your first house is going to be near the spawn point of course. If you have a plains biome within viewing distance of where you are, then I recommend making a quick trip to the plains to build instead. Plains are perfect for building houses and making moats around your house to keep you safe!

I hoped that helped you get started with a house in Minecraft, keep an eye out for future guides as well!

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