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TeamOverpowered 2020-01-26

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The key to building a Modern House in Minecraft is using the correct materials and sourcing good reference images. I used one of the first three images in google as a reference and you will likely be able to tell which one when comparing it to my build.

What Materials To Use For A Modern Minecraft House

I recommend using a lot of concrete for this build as it’s clean and comes in a wide array of colours. Another great material is of course glass. Make use of glass panes for balconies as it works perfectly.

Finally, when thinking of materials to use, Sea Lanterns are awesome to create some light and keep out of the way of the build. Torches just don’t work at all, another option could be Redstone lamps, but I think Sea Lanterns or End Rods are the way to go for a modern build.

One great tip for building modern houses is to not use anything with too much texture, as flat colours naturally look more modern than texture. Another bit of advice when building is to consider your surroundings, a modern house wouldn’t look very appealing in a medieval town or pirate harbour. So make sure to keep your build in-keeping with the surrounding area even if that means you need to find a new area.

Next, What Shapes To Consider For A Modern Build?

Next, think about the shape of the build, a C or S shape at the front of the build lends itself to a modern house. You can also use the C or S shape to add modular bits onto the build, expanding it as is necessary.

Another thing to probably stay away from in a modern build is curves, although this can look excellent when done well, it’s difficult to pull off, so in the beginning, I recommend building squares and rectangles.

Modern Minecraft House

Finally, Where To Build A Modern House?

This part can vary greatly depending on the server or friends you play with. There might already be a designated space to build your modern house, in which case, build it there. If there isn’t a specific space to build it, then check with your fellow crafters on the server to find out where they might like your house to be. Finally, if you are playing on your own, then I can recommend a plains for most builds as it’s flat and easy to build on. If you are looking for a challenge then maybe try out a snow biome!

As always, good luck with your Modern House Builds, feel free to share them over on twitter, facebook or the comments below. Have fun and keep on crafting!

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