Minecraft How To Build A Secret Base

TeamOverpowered 2020-01-26

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One of the most exciting things you can do in Minecraft is to build a secret base. This base building trick is really useful, so let’s learn more about it.

Why this secret base?

This secret base uses a really clever technique to hide your base, whilst also creating an awesome little piece of land on top of the base. The key is water and an observer.

If you know how to do a 2×2 piston door then this base is incredibly easy to build. If you don’t then I recommend having a quick search on YouTube for the easiest way to make one. The entrance to this secret base is really difficult to find, it’s one of the reasons I like it so much.

You should watch the video above as it explains everything a lot easier than I could.

Basic Tutorial: Minecraft Secret Base

Start off by building a big space underground for your base, with a decent amount of blocks above it for the piston mechanism. Next, put an observer underground with a snaking tunnel leading back up to the surface (this is for the water to run down).

When you place water on the top block, it will run down and activate the observer, this is the switch for our piston door. Then the only thing to do is to connect it to our 2×2 piston door. I’ll do another tutorial on that part in the future as it is out of the scope of this video, we are mainly looking at the style of the base and the switched used to open it.

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