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TeamOverpowered 2019-09-22

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Extra Bow is such an awesome Minecraft mod. It’s simple, easy to use and very well put together. The upgrades work nice, along with the new materials that have been added to make the upgrades/bows.

What Bows Are In The Mod

In the Minecraft mod Extra Bows, it adds multiple new bows as seen in the video above. You will be familiar with the materials as they are stone, iron, diamond etc… all of the classic Minecraft materials you know and love!

In particular, it adds, stone, iron, gold, iron, diamond and emerald bows to the game, allowing you to be a more effective archer.

Bow Upgrades

There are a number of awesome upgrades you can get from the mod. One particular upgrade is the double arrow and triple arrow. These upgrades fire multiple arrows, and even though the double arrow makes it difficult to aim, it’s still lots of fun!

There are loads of awesome upgrades to check out, so you should definitely take a look at them and see what you think. What is your favourite upgrade? Leave a comment below!

How Do I Install The Extra Bows Mod

To install most mods you can download the mod from the correct location: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/extra-bows

Once you have the download, then you just need to copy and paste the mod inside your minecraft mods folder, usually located somewhere like: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods

Good luck with the mod and I hope you letting loose at your enemies!

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