Sims 4 Micro House Build – Part 1 (Exterior, No CC)

TeamOverpowered 2020-01-26

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The Sims 4 micro house build is a tough one! You have to be able to build your house with all the required objects for living and keep it less than 32 floor tiles.

My first tip whenever creating any building (and this applies to most games as well) is to google for some real-life images. Take a look at them and get some inspiration before you start your build. This helps me a lot.

The best techniques for achieving the Micro House in Sims 4

There are a couple of things I learnt when building this small house. They helped me achieve the most out of the tiny floor space.

Use exterior stairs

If you use two floors in your micro build, then using exterior stairs to get to it will save you a lot of space. They don’t take up additional tiles and they also don’t get in the way of your precious interior space either. Make sure to check out our sims 4 stairs tutorial if you want to see some tricks on making interesting stair designs.

Another cool thing with the exterior stairs is that they make your house look bigger and grander than it actually is. If you want to achieve that style of course.

Make the most of the garden

The garden can have as much in it as you like. I recommend adding a couple of picnic benches with chairs, a campfire and other functional items to really get the most of it.

Adding pots to garden in also allows your Sims to spread out a little when doing their activities, which helps make your micro house feel more spacious.

A rectangle is the easiest shape

A rectangle is by far the easiest shape to make work, especially if you make it a minimum of 4 wide. The murphy beds that have been included in the sims 4 tiny living fit perfectly inside one of these rectangles.

Why build a micro house in Sims 4?

If you achieve the Tier 1 Micro home you will achieve the following lot perks:

  • Lighten The Load – Using less space, means using less energy which means lower bills
  • Let’s All Get Along – All relationship goals are doubled
  • Let It Grow – Plants grow twice as fast as normal
  • Feelin’ Fine All The Time – Happy, Inspired and Focus buffs last twice as long
  • You Got The Touch – Skills increase at double the standard rate
  • Cosy Comforts – Relax, everything is twice as comfortable is it is generally

All of these perks are super interesting, especially if you consider a micro-home a good starter home. Lower bills, relationship goals being doubled and skill rate increase all give sims a really nice boost.

I hope you enjoyed this quick article about the Sims 4 tiny living and can’t wait to see what you build in the future.


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