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Black Ops 2 – Unlocking Calling Cards

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I have recently been playing a lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, it is a fast paced game with a lot of action and some great personal rewards to get hold of. The emblems in my opinion are alright but the really cool things to unlock are the calling cards.

Gun Game Master Calling Card
To get the Gun Game Master calling card you need to win 50 games of gun game AND get in the top 3 50 times. Good luck!

I am going to tell you how to unlock some calling cards that might not be as obvious as “Get 50 headshots”, also I will give you some quick tips on getting hold of some of the more annoying calling cards.

What To Do To Unlock Master Calling Cards

Capture The Flag Master (10 Unlocks)
The Capture The Flag Master Card requires you to unlock the following – Shutout (Emblem), Capture The Flag Veteran (Calling Card), Capture The Flag Superior (Calling Card), Capture The Flag Wins (Calling Card), Capture The Flag Aggression (Calling Card), Flag Warden (Calling Card), Capture The Flag Assault (Calling Card), Escort (Calling Card) and Assassination (Calling Card).

Headquarters Master (7 Unlocks)
The requirement to get the Headquarters Master card is to unlock – Crushing Victory (Emblem), Headquarters Veteran (Calling Card), Headquarters Assault (Calling Card), Headquarters Aggression (Calling Card), Headquarters Wins (Calling Card) and Headquarters Superior (Calling Card).

Hardpoint Master (6 Unlocks)
To get the hardpoint master card you will need to complete the following hardpoint unlocks – Annihilation Victory (Emblem), Crushing Victory (Emblem), Point Man (Emblem), Zone Sweep (Emblem), Hardpoint Wins (Calling Card) and Hardpoint Superior (Calling Card).

Kill Confirmed Master (3 Unlocks)
The Kill Confirm master card requires you to unlock the following – Kill Confirmed Veteran (Calling Card), Kill Confirmed Wins (Calling Card) and Kill Confirmed Superior (Calling Card).

One In The Chamber, Sticks and Stones, Sharpshooter and Gun Game Master (2 Unlocks)
Complete the following unlocks to get one of the calling cards above – Wins 1,2 and 3 (Calling Card) and Superior 1,2 and 3 (Calling Card).

Calling Card Unlock Tips

Situational Awareness
A good map to try and get this is on Raid (Hardpoint Mode), one of the hardpoints is in a garage with two cars and a van, chuck some grenades into the garage whilst the enemy team is defending the hardpoint and you can get yourself this unlock in no time, enjoy!

Career Headshots
Some people may think that focusing on only headshots is the way to go for this one. Of course you need headshots, but I would just focus on playing a lot of games and improving your kill/death ratio, then the headshots will come naturally.

Finish Among Top 3 Calling Cards
The key to getting hold of these calling cards is to focus on objectives, objectives get you massive points compared to kills. Get to the objectives and focus on defending them or assaulting them. You will net more points by doing objectives than by sitting back and sniping people from range.

Bloodthirsty Killer III
To get this calling card I recommend removing your secondary weapon and attachments, go for a good ranged assault rifle and plenty of tacticals and grenades. Grenades especially allow you to get some kills without even being seen by the enemy team.

Stalking Prey III
Crouch a lot and kill stuff.

A lot of the other unlocks are fairly easy, but if you have any tips for getting a lot of shotgun kills or what map to try for grenade unlocks then let us know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this quick guide on Black Ops 2 unlocks and which emblems and cards you can get your hands on.

I will update the list as a go along, if there are any unlocks you are having any particular difficulty with then post your comments below.

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