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In this guide I am going to go through a few tips and tricks I have learnt whilst playing Civilization 6. These helped me get the information I need to be slightly better and learn about all the rich detail of the game.

This isn’t a basic guide on playing Civ 6, more of beginners hints and ideas on how to improve your game play and ultimately enjoy the game more.

Pillaged tiles

When fighting another Civilization you can pillage their tiles with the flaming torch icon, but beware the same can also happen to you! If it does happen to you then seeing which ones have been pillaged and repairing them is key to get your city up and running again.

How to see pillaged tiles easier

Seeing pillaged tiles can sometimes be a little difficult, as the flames and smoke are subtle on certain structures. Switch over to strategic view to see them easily. Checkout the image below to see what I mean.

How to repair pillaged tiles

There are two ways to repair pillaged tiles (depending on the type of tile). One is to go to the production of a city and select to repair that tile, this will be district type tiles.

The other way is to send your builder to one of the tiles and repair it with the small spanner icon as seen below.

Turning on useful map icons

There is a lot of depth to the UI and the amount of information you can get for Civ 6. One of the more basic features is the icons you can turn on and off on the map.

Yield Icons

Yields are the basic currency/resource that fuels your city, these will be Food or Production. Turning on the icons to show you these icons is really useful. Down the bottom left you can click the map icons button and turn on Yield Icons, as seen below. The icons will then appear on the tiles. These are really useful as you can manage your citizens and set more on food for growth or more production to start building quicker.

Map Lenses

Lenses become more and more useful as the game goes on, but initially can just be something extra that can be ignored. The one lens which is particularly useful is when you are aiming for tourists. Turning on the Appeal Lens is incredibly useful at giving you a brief overview of tourism. You can see this in action on the image below.

Showing additional information

Getting as much information as possible is key to gaining victory in any Civilization game, especially Civ 6. The extra score details which show you what you might need to target when attacking enemy cities or what you aren’t focusing on yourself.

Turning on the additional score details

This is really useful and is almost hidden! Click the World Rankings button at the top right and then click the score button. Then tick the Show Details checkbox to see a breakdown of everyone’s scores.

In Summary

This is just a couple of tips for Civ 6, aimed towards beginners, hopefully you found these useful and I may look at doing a quick video of them in the future. Above all I would look at turning on Yield Icons as these are very useful. Thanks again for reading and leave your comments below.

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